Listen: Feed Me Re-Launches Musical Alias In the Works Since 2007

Feed Me is a man of many aliases. 

The longtime electronic music great, who has produced under the alias Spor, has been prevalently considered a creative switchblade given his multi-genre talents, exceptional visual design ability and the strength of his brand. 

Many of those skillsets are converging once again for the lanuch of a new project from the renowned U.K. artist, whose real name is Jon Gooch. In a recent announcement, he explained that Seventh Stitch has been a passion project in the works since 2007.

Gooch likened the project to a “personal diary,” a safe space for sharing whatever emotions he was experiencing in the moment. Since then, it’s become something of a time capsule after accumulating years of collective memories and insights.

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“Music is always a release for me, but with seventh stitch it’s a world I can breathe in,” Gooch wrote in a Facebook post. “It grew into 30, 40, 50 tracks and more, and then into visual work, initially as photography, then filming using various equipment, as well as learning Max8 and some other generative software to produce visuals just from code and the audio itself.”

Seventh Stitch’s revival began with “who are you holding on for,” a brooding electronic stunner released last week. Take a listen below.

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