How to Experience European Nightlife: Party Bar or Club?

Nightlife holds a special place in our hearts.

There’s something remarkable about going out with your friends, connecting with new people, dancing, and laughing while (responsibly) enjoying your favorite alcoholic beverage—a feeling that is universal among countless cultures around the world.

Belushi's London

Belushi's London.

A vast number of different nightlife establishments are out there, but most loosely fit into either of these two categories: bar and club.

Bars, or pubs as they are commonly referred to in Anglo-Saxon countries, usually offer a much more relaxed atmosphere in comparison to clubs. Whereas club crowds are rather focused on dancing and actively enjoying the music, bar patrons are there to grab a bite, share drinks with friends and engage in exciting conversations, while also meeting and getting to know other people.

While the music selection usually isn’t as important for bar-goers in comparison to the general vibe, location, and selection of beverages they offer, clubs are a much different story, as one of the biggest factors for club selection is the music and the DJs who are performing. So while you are more likely to be able to connect with someone and get to know them at a bar, being at a club that focuses on your favorite genre of music ensures that the people around you likely listen to and enjoy the same artists you do.

Rebuke at Village Underground London

Rebūke at Village Underground London.

Either way, meeting people and making new friends on a night out is arguably one of the most exciting aspects of nightlife, and something that Belushi’s Bars definitely understand thanks to 14 establishments around Europe and a history dating back to 1993.

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How to Experience European Nightlife: Party Bar or Club?

Sometimes, all you need is a good night out. Here’s how you can combine the best of both worlds.

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Since the first Belushi's Bar opened in Covent Garden, London, the company has focused on providing an inclusive experience, pairing hostels and bars in a combination that helps connect people from all around the world. Now, with combined hostel-bar locations throughout the U.K. and Europe, Belushi’s Bars has fostered a community all about having a great time and connecting with new people.

Belushi's Barcelona

Belushi's Barcelona.

While it all depends on your personality and mood, hitting the bar and making new friends while having great conversations is always a great idea. Then taking them along to the club to add even more excitement to your night is something we would definitely recommend since it provides a diverse experience that combines the best of both worlds.

Circoloco ADE

Circoloco ADE 2021

In fact, one of the best ways to find your tribe abroad is to try checking out a bar close to the nightclub you're visiting right before the show. Chances are, you'll meet other like-minded people about to go out to the same place as you. And almost everywhere you go in Europe, you can expect a Belushi's Bar close to a world-class dance music club.

For example, in London, Belushi's London Bridge location is a mere 12-minute walk from the legendary Ministry of Sound Club, in Amsterdam, Belushi's is a 14-minute walk from the mysterious Club NYX and in Barcelona, Belushi's is a 22-minute walk from the grand Sal Apolo.

For more, check out our ultimate electronic music fan's European club guide, which you can read in full here.