Finding Joy In Simplicity: Vincent Poag’s Masquerade

New York native Vincent Poag’s latest album is a treat for all music enthusiasts under a thrilling title Masquerade. The album nests twelve songs that each have a unique story to tell the audience. No one else has the power to immediately fascinate the listener, grab their attention from the start and carry it through the entire song all the while spinning an intricate song with immense meaning. Vincent Poag, no doubt, is a true artist. 

His successes include several albums like Circling Back (2011), For the Girls (2014), and Heroes And Demons (2018) which have had their input paving the way for 2021’s Masquerade. The beautiful collection seems complete with songs like “Barcelona”, “In The Jungle” and “Heartbreak”. Vincent Poag has much to share and fans cannot wait to hear it.

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