EDM Sensation NoVone Drops Two Hot Singles “Feelings” & “COSMO”

Prolific electro musician NoVone is back with a pair of all new tracks, “Feelings” “Cosmo.” The talented Swede has yet again came up with the perfect summer rave songs and it has everything a techno-head would love. 

A joy to dance to, “Feelings” offers a lot more than sudden urges to move; the song has innovative drops that are yet to be explored in EDM and House genres. On the other hand, “COSMO” has more of a story-like quality with its progressional elements. Both songs have build ups that are very organic and fruitful, however, it’s the aftermath of the drops that are so unforgettable. When asked about the drops, NoVone said “Those catchy chords transcend over to a brutal drop just like a cocktail of emotions,” and he’s absolutely right!

As a hard-working artist, NoVone has been very active when it comes to releasing his music. His debut song, “Olympia” was followed by a diverse set of amazing singles, such as “Exit”, “Burn It”, and “Above It All,” all in one calendar year. 

As a young aspiring musician, NoVone was keen on being a professional and he admired those artists who made a difference with their music. Now as a professional himself, NoVone is looking to ignite the techno scene with singles like “Feelings” and “COSMO,” now available to purchase and stream. 

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