EDM.com Presents The Heat Check 008: NotLö, Killa Nova, Super Futue

In modern bass, dubstep and trap music, listeners and tastemakers are always chasing the next big track to blow crowds away at a festival stage. EDM.com Presents The Heat Check is a list of the most ear-catching, incendiary, and ‘fire’ tracks that emerge from the bass and freeform scene.

“Open Up” – Super Future

Super Future’s style make him as versatile an artist as there is today in bass music. While his sound thrives on the hype energy, his Equilibria project with SSKWAN delivers ambient production backed by magnetic sounds that put the listener into the soundscape.

“Hallucination Effect” – NotLö

NotLö continues to grow as a producer and professional. As she simultaneously tours the country on her own one-off dates and B2B sets with VEIL, the Denver-native dropped her first EP with the WAKAAN label.

“Forest Creature” – Mersiv, Killa Nova

No surprise as Mersiv returns to our list with his second of three singles to his debut Pretty Dark Loud album. “Forest Creature” combines the deep wonky-ness of producer Killa Nova with the adventurous, abrasive side of Mersiv’s production.

“How Much Further” – G-Rex, Sully, The Arcturians

Hyped WAKAAN producers G-Rex and Sully deliver what you'd expect on their collaboration. A dramatic, heavy intro leads listeners into a drop of archaic, dynamic noise. 

“Deep Sea Creatures” – Shanghai Doom

Shanghai Doom create a crawling, grimey bass that fits perfectly in the Dark Waters universe. Alien-sounding nuances provide an immersive experience. 

“Bad” – Kumarion

Kumarion’s production continues to elevate him among modern sonic innovators. His latest, “Bad,” marks his reunion with the Jadu Dala label, and offers a more grounded trap approach.

“Mac 19” – Rusko

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EDM.com Presents The Heat Check 008: NotLö, Killa Nova, Super Futue

Stop in for The Heat Check, a monthly go-to list for the hottest and most incendiary tracks to emerge from the bass, dubstep and freeform scenes.

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Rusko’s Elevate Records is showcasing the fun, energetic side of DnB. “Mac 19” is a jump up anthem with high voltage energy.

“Sientelo” – Mefjus, Camo & Krooked

One of DnB’s most sought after ID’s “Sientelo” is finally out. The Mefjus-Camo & Krooked's collab is a worldly offering via UKF. The track builds behind chanting vocals that drive you into a technical and sonic drop.

“Covet” – Brux

Brux returns with his penchant for moody production and basslines on "Covet." Layered vocals provide a bubbly rhythm before a more pop-oriented chorus.

“Thug Na$ty” – OG Nixin

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Honorable Heaters:

“Concrete” – Hydraulix, Jasiah

“Demisaur” – Excision, Kai Wachi

“Gravity” – Slander, Subtronics

“CHROMA” – Virtual Riot

“NGMF” – Gammer, Riot Ten

“Set Me Free” – Chima, Axel Boy

“Trenches” – Duke & Jones, Flowdan