EDM.com Presents Synth Sisters, Vol. 2

There is so much talent within the electronic music community that it's difficult to keep a finger on its pulse. To assist you on your music discovery journey, EDM.com's monthly "Synth Sisters" series illuminates new releases from brilliant female producers of all genres and sizes with the hope of celebrating their contributions.

“Epicalyx” – Remeti

Remeti hits hard on Hybrid Trap with her latest single, “Epicalyx.” Introducing a dystopian sound environment, robotic technology demolishes the metropolis with extraterrestrial trap energy.

“Drinks (Extended Remix)” – NERVO

Sister duo NERVO adds to pop star Cyn’s The Mixed Drinks Collection with an extended rendition of their “Drinks” remix. Prepare to re-enter electro house paradise as intoxicating vocals lace up a pair of shuffling shoes.

“Can’t Stop” – Clarity

Included as part of Fraudulent Records and Ghetto Ghetto’s self-titled 11-track compilation, Clarity delivers a bass house heater that strikes beyond the realm of her usual sound. Throughout four minutes, gritty basslines and melodic elements are spontaneously implemented to keep listeners on their toes.

“Because You Are You” – Gyrofield

Hong Kong-based producer gyrofield makes her Pilot Records debut by guiding listeners on an IDM-inspired expedition through liquid drum & bass. The balanced sound design is delicate and peaceful, offering a boost of strength and empowerment.

“Tbilisi (Remix)” – Karen Gwyer

Leftfield techno master Karen Gwyer decelerates Nathan Fake’s “Tbilisi” and implements euphoric synths to present a vivid reimagination. Released on Cambria Instruments, Gwyer’s official remix is an entrancing alternative from the original’s percussive dominance.

“You feat. Ondine” – Finger Beats

Spotlighting her specialty of R&B-infused house music, Finger Beats has teamed up with Ondine for “You.” A song that is regrettably too relatable, “You” expresses the unwanted desire for a toxic lover through sultry vocals and cutting-edge, funky influences.

“Lagoon” – Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith contributes to Mexican Summer’s Looking Glass series with “Lagoon,” an ethereal voyage through aquatic melodies. In the age of social distancing, Looking Glass aims to celebrate discovery, diversity, and collaboration.

“Anima” – Sophia Loizou

Meditative sound healing soundscapes penetrate the psyche in Sophia Loizou’s “Anima,” the inaugural track for her forthcoming album. The full project will be released in tandem with her debut poetic collection, Untold: A Tellurian Memorandum, which serves to celebrate the beauty of non-human forms.

“Down feat. Dread Pitt” – PHI NIX

PHI NIX recruited Dread Pitt for her return to Tribal Trap with “Down,” entering with her silvery vocals before a world bass break encourages conscious exploration.

"Bubble Pon Di Bed feat. XL Mad" – Bianca Oblivion

Bianca Oblivion has recruited longtime friend XL Mad (from Numa Crew) for "Bubble Pon Di Bed." Released via her imprint Club Aerobics, the single is sculpted by dancehall inspirations and the future club acoustics that welcome listeners to a global dance floor.