EDM.com Presents "Quarantini Chats" Episode #4: Chemical Surf

Whether they're bedazzling eggs with rhinestones, baking their own sourdough from scratch, or concocting absurd cocktails, those in the social media community at large have embraced their creativity during their time in quarantine. Harnessing that creativity and manifesting it into the dance music community, EDM.com's Instagram Live interview series "Quarantini Chats" invites the brightest music producers and DJs in the game to join our platform and craft a custom cocktail as they sip and dive into a wide range of topics with our special guest hosts, The Hotel Lobby.

Chemical Surf have emerged as one of the most popular dance music acts in Brazil. They had been making serious noise in the house music sphere in recent years before exploding onto the international scene with their monumental Kasakde collaboration "Pow Pow Pow." The duo is now joining EDM.com to chat about their meteoric rise while sipping a "Caipirinha," the national drink of Brazil. Those in the states may not be able to find its main ingredient, Cachaça, so they may use vodka as a solid substitute.

Join us via Instagram Live on Saturday, July 25th at 12PM PDT (4PM Brazil time) for the show. If you'd like to craft Chemical Surf's signature quarantini and immerse yourself in the interview, you can find the ingredients and instructions below.


  • 1 2/3 oz Cachaça or vodka
  • 2 Teaspoons brown sugar
  • 1/2 lime cut into 4 wedges

1) Place lime and sugar into old fashioned glass
2) Muddle the lime and sugar (mash the two ingredients together using a muddler or a wooden spoon)
3) Fill the glass with crushed ice
4) Add the Cachaça or vodka