Creative Studio Creates Galactic Visual Representation of Electronic Music History

A U.K. creative studio has designed a unique vision of the etymology of modern electronic music.

The Manchester-based studio, Dorothy, published "The Electronic System and The Alternative System," two art prints that reimagine landmarks of our universe as prominent figures in the history of electronic and alternative music respectively. 

The electronic music-focused print features influential artists such as Daft Punk and the founder of ambient music, Brian Eno. The structure of the art not only highlights the genre's most impactful contributors, but also draws attention to the influences that likely inspired each artist.

Naturally, legendary German electronic outfit Kraftwerk are positioned firmly at the center of the universe, the sun. After forming in 1969, Kraftwerk would go on to inspire innumerable artists and become one of the genre's earliest success stories. Slightly further out in orbit is Jean-Michel Jarre, known to many as a godfather of contemporary electronic music and an inspiration to many of today's superstars, such as Armin van Buuren.

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We Are Dorothy

In Dorothy's electronic solar model, Kraftwerk are at the center of the universe.

Elsewhere in the framework, planets labeled as Aphex Twin and The Chemical Brothers feature several equally prominent "moons." Radiohead and Squarepusher appear within the pull of the Aphex Twin planet while The Prodigy and Underworld appear near The Chemical Brothers. 

For a crash course on electronic music through the decades with a scientific twist, check out the prints for sale here.