Check Out This Incredible 3D-Modeled and Printed REZZ Hand

Fans of REZZ can attest that her brand is one-of-a-kind. With her menacing, mind-bending midtempo sonic flair, Space Mom has carved out her own sound over the years, concocting a signature electronic cocktail all her own.

Her live shows only reinforce that notion, as she pairs her thunderously spellbinding sound with her patented, mesmerizing LED goggles to offer up a truly unique live concert experience for any flabbergasted revelers lucky enough to catch a live performance. One of those fans, Brandon Lee Morris, took things to the next level by breathing life into one of REZZ's visual brand components, a hand with an eyeball centered in its palm.

Morris, who operates a visual concepts and 3D printing project called Replicant Lab, took it upon himself to create a 3D-modeled and printed REZZ hand, the results of which you can check out in the gallery below. You can also get familiar with his other 3D-printed works via his Instagram, which features projects pegged to SVDDEN DEATH, Porter Robinson, and more.