Can Learning to Play an Instrument Help with EDM Production?

EDM DJs and producers benefit from learning how to play an instrument before they dive into the world of music production. Even basic knowledge of an instrument can help!

Benefits of playing an instrument

Playing an instrument allows you to gain a better understanding of musical theory. An instrument allows you to have a tactile and visual way to learn musical concepts. Knowing musical concepts can help you make better compositions.

Not to mention, learning an instrument also gives you a better ear and learn how to analyze musical pieces. This can help you gain a better understanding of melody instead of just producing by ear. For example, knowing how to play an instrument can help you learn the chords of a scale. So when you are producing something, and it doesn’t sound correct, you can figure out which scale you’re in and determine which chords you should be using.

Playing an instrument can also help your creativity and inspiration. Many people also believe that playing an instrument helps boost their mood and increase their focus, both of which can fuel your creativity.

Best instruments for EDM producers

Once you’ve decided to learn an instrument, you might wonder which instruments are most popular for producers. You want to learn an instrument that allows you to develop a strong sense of rhythm.

Drums are a popular choice since drums are all about rhythm and beats. Knowing how to drum could help you better learn to hand-program beats as a producer. However, while there are many benefits to knowing how to drum, learning how to play the drums is a commitment.

Playing the piano also allows you to develop a strong sense of rhythm. Not to mention, knowing how to play the piano can benefit you as a songwriter. Many producers use the piano as a way to develop a song structure before moving to the production studio.

Finally, learning how to play the guitar or the bass can also be beneficial since EDM music requires a strong bassline.

Learning how to play an instrument

Once you’ve chosen your instrument, decide whether or not you want to take a class to help you learn how to play that instrument or if you would prefer to teach yourself.

Taking a class is a way to quickly learn how to play while also receiving feedback from a skilled musician, but classes can be expensive. Plus, they are also a time commitment, which can be challenging if you’re working a full-time job.

If you teach yourself, it might take longer, but you can use free online tutorials on Youtube to learn the basics. Once you’re ready to advance, there are websites that allow you to get the chords of popular songs. Check out this guide about getting chords online.

No matter which route you take, just make sure you’re ready for the commitment of regularly practicing your instrument. Mastering an instrument takes time, but even knowing the basics can help.

Moving on to EDM production

While you’re learning how to play an instrument, you can also start mastering the basics of EDM production. For example, you’re going to want to learn more about what type of software you need and whether or not you have the right technology.

Producers use Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) to produce music. While there are some expensive DAWs out there, there are also more cost-efficient options for beginners. Many beginners start with GarageBand since it is free and is fully equipped with basic functions.

Starting to familiarize yourself with a DAW is a great way to begin mastering the basics. Even just playing around with different sounds and learning about all the features of a DAW can help. There are also online videos that can help you master the basics of your DAW software. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you’re ready to begin applying all of your knowledge into music production.

Final thoughts

If you’re interested in EDM production, start by mastering the basics of an instrument such as the drums, piano, or guitar. At the same time, however, there is nothing wrong with learning how to use a Digital Audio Workstation. Learning the basics of an instrument will only help you become a better EDM producer.