Burning Man’s Mayan Warrior Is Using Blockchain Tech to Fund Art On the Playa

Fans of the legendary Burning Man metropolis and its devoted Mayan Warrior community have a new way to preserve its future prospects both on and off the playa. 

Blockchain technology has long been lauded as a more transparent and cost-effective means of fundraising. Now Mayan Warrior, one of the world’s premier artistic communities is embracing its possibilities.

The organization, which operates as a 501(c)(3), has announced the “Mayan Warrior Amulet,” an offering of digital assets to directly support the artistic endeavors that have built the community into a creative powerhouse over the last decade. By purchasing the blockchain-powered assets, the community’s members can directly fund artists to help “produce, bring, and display their live interactive art to the playa and at their shows,” according to a press release shared with EDM.com.

The Mayan Warrior Art Car at Burning Man.

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The not-for-profit endeavor will also raise funds for costs associated with the iconic Mayan Warrior Art Car, which has toured across North America and remains a beloved staple of Black Rock City.

Holders of the “Amulet” can enjoy in the promise of exclusive gifts, including a physical version of the digital collectible, as well as VIP and backstage access at the group’s fundraising events. Read more about the collection here.

Mayan Warrior’s first stop of 2023 is January 13th in Tulum, revealed the organization’s founder, Pablo González Vargas. The event will be part of a tour of Mexico.