Beloved Singer Hazeline Taffe Releases An All-New Spiritual Album Titled The Holy Awakening

Hazline Taffe comes out with yet another brilliant album in which the artist spreads God’s message with loving tracks that leave listeners connecting with the man upstairs. As an evolving musician, Hazeline Taffe is always looking to introduce new sounds, genres and formats into her preachy-tracks and the talented singer manages to do so with The Holy Awakening as the end result is a must listen for all kinds of music lovers. 

The common themes for the collection are hope, grace, faith, truth, redemption, healing, honor, salvation and more as Hazeline Taffe tries to encapsulate all of God’s might in an album. One of the flagship songs of The Holy Awakening is “Why Don’t We Serve Him?” an emotional and personal song to Hazeline Taffe as she explains “The inspiration for writing [the song] is greatly moving and touching, and has a great amount of sentimental value to me in my experiences.” She continued describing the song as written with a reflective mood that features a very soft pop infused style with drum, symbol and other instrumentals. 

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