Amirah Shoots For The Stars And Imagines A Unified World On “Tell Me”

Global pop composer, singer-songwriter Amirah recently released her latest single, “Tell Me” on her way to unveiling a full-album to the public. The first single off her upcoming album that was released was the moving “You Are My Land,” a song originally written about her native Malaysia, but tackling a universal message directed to  anyone troubled by the pandemic and fractured political state of our world.

Recorded by Grammy award winning producer Jeff Bova who has previously worked with icons such as Michael Jackson and Madonna, both “Tell Me” and “You Are My Land” allow us to imagine that her upcoming full collection of songs will propel her to the highest spheres of pop music. 

Explicitly honest and introspective, Amirah’s quest for truth is as inspiring as it is immensely creative, thanks to a sophisticated fusion between East and West that sonically results in an intensely beautiful kind of pop.

Traditional instruments are merged with classic pop sonorities and wrapped up in a flawless production that ideally highlights Amirah’s number one talent; her voice. If you believe in a peaceful and tolerant, you will fall in love with Amirah’s latest single, “Tell Me.” 

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