Viral singer-songwriter Francis Karel has unveiled his latest single ‘Small Talk’, a striking offering navigating the heartache and self-reflection that accompanies one’s first romantic relationship coming to an end.

A symposium of beautiful harmonies, Karel’s unique sound finds its roots in his deep love of emotive production and sonnet-like anthems.

Karel’s delicate yet commanding vocals build to an exhilarating peak throughout as he reminisces on the two shared fond memories. The single culminates in a grand finale in true Karel fashion; this first look from his upcoming debut EP Handle With Care is yet another testament to the breakthrough talent’s ethereally poignant oeuvre.

Deeply introspective in nature, Karel’s music provides him with much needed emotional healing. “I didn’t realize it at first, but a lot of the songs I’ve written have been very therapeutic for me to listen back to. It’s like each song is a part of the process of closing chapters. I think it’s because of how I allow myself to feel in the songs compared to how I tend to neglect them in reality,” the viral artist explains