UK artist Garvie shares new single ‘Decisions Decisions’

Self-proclaimed retro gaming addict Garvie’s self-produced single ‘Decisions Decisions’ is about the big boss in his life… decision making.

Making adult decisions is something I was not prepared for, so this track is definitely the theme song of my life.

Garvie’s lyrics audibly pace back and forth pondering religion, hustle culture and smartphone addiction amongst other things before arriving at the simplest of truths in the unshakeably hook-y chorus – ‘my only choice is you’.

Garvie commented on the lyric:

“I’m terrible at decision making – I wrote this to convince myself that 90% of the decisions I make are meaningless. That’s a lie… but I can’t make choices when I think they’re important.”

Hear the track below.

I’m always searching for music different from what we’re used to hearing, and I’ve definitely found it with Garvie. I will be paying close attention to him now, and I recommend you do the same.


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