Talii – ‘More Than Friends’

Rising artist and songwriter Talii has released her brand new single, ‘More Than Friends’. I’ve followed Talii since 2019, and it’s great to see how much she has achieved. And her music keeps getting better and better with every release.

On ‘More Than Friends’ she shares a side of herself she’s never shared before.

Speaking about the track, she said:

“‘More Than Friends’ actually started as a vocal sample that, my boyfriend/producer, Gbliz and I created. Phil Mango (of Luxury Lane) took the sample and added this amazing afrobeats bounce to it. More than friends is bringing the listener in on a conversation going on with a friend and I. She’s been venting about her toxic boyfriend, meanwhile, I’m insinuating that I can treat her better (“we could be more than friends”). It’s the first time I’ve ever shared my queer side in a song before so it’s nerve wracking yet freeing. I feel like the persona I take on in the song is a little more confident than I am when it comes to flirting with women lol but it was fun to embody that for this song.”

Hear the song below.

It’s not easy for us to share our “queer side”, so I applaud her for her courage.

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