Sorry, Peach x Erkle Hannson – ‘I’ve Been Feeling Extra Lonely’

Fresh off the heels of their November release, ‘I’ve Been Feeling Lonely’, indie-pop band Sorry, Peach is back with new music and this time they’ve teamed up with singer/songwriter and producer Erkle Hannson to bring you ‘I’ve Been Feeling Extra Lonely’, an alternate version of the former song.

“This song started with the word “flighty’. I remember sitting across from my partner at the time and hearing him say the word. It was the first of several times that he broke off our relationship, and on this occasion he cited feeling “flighty” as the reason we couldn’t keep seeing each other.

The rest of the first verse really filled itself in around that idea. I, whilst feeling lonely, had allowed myself to fall for this boy that clearly wasn’t mentally or emotionally ready to be in the kind of relationship that I wanted.

But I really cared about him- and quite frankly didn’t want to go back to being lonely- and so I ended up in this situationship that really wasn’t healthy for anyone involved. Thus, even though I didn’t really want to admit it to myself at the time, I knew that it wasn’t going to work out for us. And he knew that too.” – Tyerra

This is an impeccably written track, and it’s a song you will want to immediately add to your favorite playlist because it’s something many of us can relate to, but fair warning, it may bring those feelings.

Check it out.

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