Sophia Alexa builds on the rising momentum around her name with new single ‘Hit & Run’

Fast rising newcomer Sophia Alexa continues to build the rising momentum around her name with ‘Hit and Run’, the follow up to well received debut single, ‘House Of Cards’. 

This is a phenomenal song that has left me wanting more of Sophia. I love her voice and her sound, and I’ve been playing this song on repeat for hours.

Speaking about the track, Sophia said:

I wrote ‘Hit and Run’ after I noticed myself feeling the need to escape every time I got too close to someone. I was afraid of feeling trapped or attached even if the relationship was positive. The escape felt like a defence mechanism and writing this song was a way to summarise that feeling. In the process of writing it I wasn’t sure if the title was too dark so contrasting it with more uptempo drums was a great way to hide the reality of the lyrics.

Stream it below.