Shaylen is giving us all the inspiration we need to do one of the hardest things in life…forgive ourselves.

Her beautiful voice tells a story many of us are familiar with.

Don’t know how to love myself

Without somebody laying in my bed

Don’t know how to be alone

Without the thought of crawling out my skin

Can’t take the advice that I’m given

I throw it away never listen

Pissing off all of my friends

Speaking about ‘Forgive Myself’, Shaylen said:

“I wrote ‘Forgive Myself’ when I was in a really tough spot mentally. It’s all about my personal struggle with self-forgiveness. We are often taught the importance of apologizing and forgiving others but not the importance of forgiving ourselves when we mess up. I invented apologies, so I know all about it…”

Do yourself a favor, make that step to start forgiving yourself. Click below for some motivation.


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