sftspkn shares new track ‘Serotinal’

I don’t know much about stfspkn other than they make some really nice chill music. According to their Spotify bio, sftspkn started as an avid listener of smooth hip-hop beats. From that appreciation grew a desire to create.

In May of 2020, the New York native debuted with the lighthearted single “butterflies” and has since released a myriad of laidback music. With an ever expanding discography, sftspkn has released tracks with several notable labels in the lo-fi genre and has garnered support from the likes of Chill Beats Music, Lofi Jazz Records, and Warner Music UK. Not yet defined by a singular sound, sftspkn continues to refine their style while producing effervescent and evocative beats.

Stream ‘Serotinal’ below.