Rook Monroe has delivered something wonderfully refreshing with his debut track, ‘Jolie’.

There’s something so comforting about this track as it evokes this nostalgic feeling.

“Sometimes songs are simply meant to be enjoyed. This is one of those. Touching more on what’s felt, simply being human, than provoking feelings to place you in an emotion… which much of my music to come will do. Feeling, as natural as it may be, is still as confusing as our limited knowledge of the stars. Jolie is me, feeling.” – Rook

Hear it below

Crafted in LA as part of a yearlong process of musical discovery, Rook Monroe’s upcoming self-written project was developed with Trackside, and will include contributions from the likes of Grammy Producer of the Year winning Brendan O’Brien (Pearl Jam, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen)

Though Jolie is Rook Monroe’s first original release, he is no stranger to the music industry. Having penned Rihanna’s critically acclaimed ‘Desperado’ – and more singles for artists ranging wide, from Jeremih to The Chainsmokers – he summons all his influences into a rock influenced package for his passion project.