Reece shares his new single ‘Be Happy’

Reece has been in my ear since 2016. And since then, I’ve seen and heard his growth as an artist, and it’s been an amazing journey. Every single he has released has been phenomenal, but this song, ‘Be Happy’, is, without a doubt, his best track yet!

He reaches deep into a raw and soulful place for this song, making you feel every emotion. I sit here in tears as I write this. When music can move me to tears like this, it stays with me forever.

He sings:

I wanna go back
Back to a time
Where I wasn’t scorned and love was way more blind
Cause there was a beauty in having an open mind
And I wanna go back
Back to a time
When life was pure and I actually felt alive
That’s the shit i’m trying to find

Hear the song below.

Make sure you keep listening to Reece, because he has more in store for us, and I can’t wait.


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