Olivia Penalva – ‘You Love It’

I needed to hear Olivia Penalva’s ‘You Love It’ today. Sometimes we spend so much time hating parts of ourselves when we need to remember that people in our lives love every inch of us. And Olivia reminds us of that on this new track.

“I think it’s really easy to be hard on ourselves. And in doing that, we tend to forget that other people are capable of loving the parts of ourselves that we hate the most. We convince ourselves that it’s not possible and that we aren’t good enough. But there is someone out there for everyone and hopefully that person can show you just how wonderful you really are.” – Olivia

Hear the song below.

Music is therapy, and Olivia has been able to give us music that we need to heal, and I’ll forever be grateful to her for that.


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