Emerging female Hip-Hop/Rap sister duo Ocean x KungFu have released their highly anticipated single and official video ‘M.A.B.’.

Ocean & KungFu are set on solidifying their staying power and their latest single is a female-empowering anthem of how the sister duo won’t hold back when it comes to haters who criticize them under their breath.

Sampling the iconic ‘Knuck If You Buck’ by Crime Mob, Princess from the group, cosigns the sample with a cameo in the music video. The music video also comes fully packaged with fast cars, street takeovers, and plundering dance moves that further strengthen the perspective that Ocean x KungFu are a force to be reckoned with.

The show-stopping audiovisual shows snippets of Ocean x KungFu traversing throughout their hometown of Atlanta, GA. The video capitalizes on the theme of having confidence and no fear, as we see the sister duo leading a group of their friends who perform high energy choreography, thrilling stunts, and street takeovers.

‘M.A.B.’ flaunts the sister duo’s undaunted rhyme reverence, fashion-forward fire and endless charisma in spite of some gutsy lyrics that are at the same time empowering and brow-raising.