Nate Amor – ‘Lose This Way’

Nate Amor has shared his latest single, ‘Lose This Way’ and it is out of this world. Nate’s raspy vocals lure you in as he sings about dealing with the trauma of loss, something I know many of us have experienced.

As Nate elaborates:

I was living in my friend’s basement. It was spring yet cold in Minnesota and this moment came over me to write a song that could encompass my recent divorce and the loss of my mother 18 months prior. It is a journey to say goodbye to my ex, wish her well, and to say that I’m accepting the loss of her. The truth was that I’d been so selfish. We ALL experience loss. Deaths of many kinds, it’s a part of life. This song helped me get out and release my grief, let go, and continue on.

Stream the song below.


Now, check out the official video:

‘Lose This Way’ and the previously released ‘Ain’t Hitting Me Yet‘ is off Nate’s upcoming album.


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