‘Take Me To Your Leader’ is Natalie McCool’s best song yet! She has become a force to reckon with as every track has been stellar, and with this latest release, she has given us pure perfection.

Speaking about the new offering, she said:

 “A lot of ‘Memory Girl’ is about overcoming imposter syndrome in the world around you, and within yourself – and I think Take Me To Your Leader is the track which most explores this theme.  I’d had this idea of feeling ‘alien’ floating around for a while – and the phrase Take Me To Your Leader is one I’d never really heard in a song before, so at first I was unsure but it really grew on me. It’s about wanting to belong – almost obsessively, wanting to have something valid to say, and these thoughts and feelings spiral until you become fixated “I want to peel your skin, dive for gold, let me in”. 

Stream this gem below.


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