Multi-Platinum House Producer Dante Klein shares ‘La Musica’ single

Platinum-certified house producer Dante Klein has shared his latest single, ‘La Musica’.

With a Latin heat that will set the dancefloor alight, ‘La Musica’ is the perfect soundtrack for a summer of fun. Like the warm glow of the setting sun, it will evoke a moody atmosphere and have you on your feet in no time, whether you’re sipping cocktails at the beach club or simply feeling the sand between your toes.

Dante tells us about the single:

“The last few months we made a lot of tracks and we somehow couldn’t make a choice which track we should release first on our new label. I sent the tracks to a friend of mine to see which one she thought was fire and everytime she played La Musica, her cockatoo Henry started jumping up and down. So Henry made the choice for us.” 

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