Mokita – ‘Room For Another’ (Official Video)

Over the past two years, Mokita (aka John-Luke Carter) has been writing, recording, and self-producing meaningful songs with unrelenting honesty. For his latest track, ‘Room For Another’, he sings about the transition of letting someone else into your life.

I envisioned it as this two-fold idea; one was on the level of someone occupying this physical space, like the space in a house, and the other was a more metaphysical space where you’re making room emotionally for someone else. The whole time I was working on the record, I had this mental snapshot of this house sitting on top of a mountain, and you’re there by yourself just dreaming about sharing it with someone,” says Mokita. Adding, “the song, from a production standpoint, is very simple. Drums, bass, and piano. I wanted the song’s lyrics and melody to be the focal point, and I wanted it to have this constant feeling of longing and hopefulness.”

Hear the song below.

Mokita always comes into my life at the right time. The first time I shared his music was in 2020 with ‘Down’ as we all struggled through this pandemic, and it was a song I needed at that moment. With this new single, it has happened again. These are words I needed to hear, and at this point, Mokita maybe my musical angel, and I’m thankful. 

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