MK & Burns Drop Official Video for ‘Better’ ft. Teddy Swims

Super-producer MK (Marc Kinchen) has unveiled the official video for his brand-new single ‘Better’ with Burns, and featuring Teddy Swims.

With user-generated videos for ‘Better’ accumulating over 3 million views globally, anticipation has been building for the official video, which sees the trio become saviours late at night in the city of Los Angeles.

Directed by Ukrainian mixed-media artist, photographer, and filmmaker Ganna Bogdan, the video features model Oleksandra Suprunenko as the protagonist and is a tongue-in-cheek reflection of a call for things to get ‘better’.

“The story was inspired by my own personal experiences; I used to own a vintage Mercedes that I loved so much, but it used to break down in the most stressful situations, and every time it made me feel like I was about to lose it… my [Ukranian] friends would come and save me, and we would play music while my car was getting towed. My car would break down once a month till the point I finally get rid of it. But my friends used to cheer me up every time. It made me feel better in the most stressful situations…” – Ganna Bogdan