London-based JackKane shares new single ‘Underdog’

London-based newcomer JackKane gives the first glimpse into his next project with stunning new offering, ‘Underdog’. 

I love a song that inspires, which is what ‘Underdog’ does. JackKane encourages us to keep our chin up in tough times and hold on to that fighting spirit we all have. It’s a song that will touch your heart and soul.

Speaking on the release, he states:

“Sometimes you just have an absolute stinker of a day where it feels like the world is actively using your misery as a punch line. I have a friend who had just had one of these days, and I took that concept into a session with the production genius that is Mack Jamison, and out came ‘Underdog’. We decided on chords and a riff quickly, and within about two hours Mack had crafted the track and I had written the lyrics. Ironically it was one of those days where everything just goes right.

Stream the song below.

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