This is Lexie Palms’ debut track. I am amazed and excited because if this is the quality we’re getting with the debut I can only imagine what we’ll hear next.

I love everything about this song, Lexie’s vocals are strong and she captures your attention right away.

Speaking about the tune, she said:

“’Can It Be Me’ was the first track I made after taking a one-year break in song writing and producing. That was straight after I graduated from university and the stress of constantly trying to figure out what would come next in my career got the best of me. ‘Can It Be Me’ marked a shift in that mindset and unlocked a feeling of hope and desire to go further with my music. It’s about realising that when you’re hungry for more and really do it just for pure enjoyment and happiness, that’s when you start moving forward.” At the same time, ‘Can It Be Me’ connects my love and longing for the ocean with my home Leça da Palmeira and Porto, which remain very present in my music. And now I know what the water brought. The river flows and it doesn’t stop. And so, it brings out the best in me. Can it be me?”. This track makes me feel at home…”


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