Kristofer Greczula – ‘Live and Let Live’

2020 was when everything fell into place for rising star Kristofer Greczula. After a time of feeling lost and battling mental health issues, the artist has now found an entirely new sound, where magnetic pop meets grandiose rock echoing Prince and David Bowie. He shares this new sound on his emancipatory debut album Live and Let Live, an honest compilation of songs that let the listener truly get to know Kristofer.

The album’s title track is everything we all need to hear. The powerful sound combined with the message makes this one of my top songs for this year.

Speaking about the album, Kristofer said:

“I am so excited about and proud of these songs. I’ve worked so hard to get through with my version and I feel super proud. It feels genuine and truly like me. You’ll get to come into my world, and this feels like the beginning of something bigger.”

Stream the single below.

This is my first time hearing Kristofer’s music and I’m blown away. He has definitely gained a new fan.


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