KINGS is definitely putting her mark on the Pop landscape. Her new track, ‘Different States’ is an earworm.

She says the song is one she didn’t want to write but it just fell out of me.

“Sometimes I can’t wrap my head around how this story turned so sour, but I think the song sums up everything I needed to say. I started dating my best friend. We connected through our careers, and were just friends until something changed. After a month or two of adventuring, making videos, & lots of coffee dates, I really started to see his true colors. On multiple occasions, he brought up marriage & spending forever with me, yet he would compare me to other girls and make it very clear what he liked and didn’t like about my appearance. We were in different states physically and mentally, but the turning point in our relationship was at an event we both attended. Going to this event was actually one of the best decisions of my life & I don’t regret one thing about it. It took a while to put the pieces of his toxicity together, but I’m so thankful for what I learned in this situation. He didn’t even feel like a loss, which is how I knew it was meant to end. Whatever I felt for him can’t even compare with how much I love the songs I have written since then. Now that this song is out, I can laugh about that time in my life, and be thankful for what it taught me.”

Hear the track below.

I’m excited for what the future holds for this young artist.