Caribbean music always puts me in a good mood! What I love about it the most, is that each island has their own sound but it always stay true to that Caribbean vibe. Today I have a really great track from Bahamian artist, Jonny Cake. On ‘Get Em Ricky’ Jonny gives us ‘Rake N Scrape’, the traditional dance music of Bahamas.

Jonny explained that they combine African elements combined with the goat skin drum and handsaw to create a very distinct sound.

Asked what inspired the track, Jonny said:

“Because of the pandemic, it feels like the Rake and Scrape Sound has disappeared. We have many festivals here in the Bahamas like Homecoming  and Regattas that only play and feature Rake n Scrape Artists, but because of  the lockdowns the shows have been cancelled for  two years now. The song reflects me missing the music of rake and scrape and performing it, wishing that it can return.”

Stream the track below.

Jonny is currently working on an album with collaborations from local and international artists to push the Rake n Scrape sound.

“This Is Going to be something totally new, I’m bringing the sounds of the Bahamas to the world. You can expect to feel a vibe like no other!”