Invigorating and raw, multi-genre producer, vocalist and DJ Joey Valence and vocal partner Brae entered the music pantheon in 2021 with a bang when they released their debut single, ‘Crank It Up’, and have since shown no signs of slowing down!

The pair have returned with their sensational new single and accompanying video for ‘Startafight’, released independently via their JVB label.

‘Startafight’ sees Joey Valence and Brae continue their trend of bridging the gap between various genres as they once again defy convention by traversing the line between 90s hip-hop, rock, and everything in-between.

At times evoking the Beastie Boys, at other Rage Against The Machine, and on occasions, A Tribe Called Quest and The Prodigy, it’d be hard for someone to not find something they like in Joey Valence and Brae’s music which is testimony to their eclectic sound and undeniable future of becoming one of the most exciting acts around.
When speaking about their new single, the pair said“We met at red lobster and the rest is history.”

The self-directed video, shot using a doorbell camera, sees the duo run rampant around an abandonded building, effortlessly capturing the anarchic vibe of the track.