When I’m really feeling a song I want to share with you guys, it takes me a while before I can start typing. I spend so much time with the track, just vibing and singing along that sometimes I forget that I have a blog post to write.

That happened to me tonight as I played ‘Hunnah’s ‘Don’t Want It’ (But I Do).

The slick vibrant R&B jam is the definition of a hit song and now my latest obsession. It reminds me of the early 2000s when a hot R&B track will drop just in time for the summer and you hear it everywhere. That’s what I want for this song.

Check it out

This song came together in our writing session quite quickly and I am so excited for people to hear it! I am also very happy to share that all of the proceeds from the song will be split between The Loveland Foundation and The Okra Project – two amazing organizations doing important work. The Okra Project is doing vital work in the Black Trans Community by bringing home cooked meals and resources to Black Trans People wherever they can be reached and The Loveland Foundation provides mental healthcare services to Black women and girls across the country. I cannot think of two more worthy organizations to be supporting with the release of this single.