Halover will grab your attention with her new single, ‘Never Truly Alone’. The striking dark Pop tune is about struggling to be alone with yourself and accepting your thoughts and shortcomings when there is no one around.

Speaking about the song, Halover said:

“I wrote ‘Never Truly Alone’ during lockdown when I had no choice but to be by myself at home. I didn’t want to deal with what was going on in my head at that time and it was making me feel miserable. Instead of working through it I turned to every possible distraction to quiet it down.” and the singer continued, – “There is a famous saying “We’re born alone, we live alone, we die alone” which I paraphrased and changed to ‘Never Truly Alone’ meaning that we always have ourselves to turn to in difficult times and it’s more than enough”. 

Hear it below.

I must shout out Halover’s long-term producer and collaborator, Jiroe, because this production is superb! Well done.


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