Haiden – ‘Can’t Hurt Me’

When I first listened to Haiden’s ‘Can’t Hurt Me’, I was immediately transported back to the 90s. You know that era with Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, and 98 Degrees was everywhere. That’s the vibe Haiden gives on this track, and I love it!

Complimented by his smooth vocals & guitar playing, this song in its rawest form garnered 4M views, gaining him more than 35K TikTok followers & 10K Spotify pre-saves.

“When I posted this song on TikTok, it wasn’t even fully written, let alone recorded or produced. So for the past week, we’ve been working relentlessly to finish it and make it as impactful as I know it can be. I felt a specific type of pressure because “Can’t Hurt Me” went viral in its rawest form; just me playing it on an acoustic guitar. This made producing it especially challenging because we didn’t want to take away from what made the song and the story special in the first place. I’m happy to say though, that its integrity has not only remained intact but has been amplified by the production. It is truly amazing.” – Haiden

Hear it below


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