Estella Dawn – ‘Salt’

Estella Dawn has done it again! She has given us another hit with ‘Salt’. Estella has this gift where she writes songs in a way that will get you to sing along with her without you even realizing you’re singing every word.

Speaking about the single, Estella said:

“I’ve always seen my internal darkness as wolves, I’m either part of the pack, or on the run from the parts of myself that scare me. But no matter which side I’m on, they’re always there. When the pack is descending and my mind starts spiraling it feels like all I can do is keep my head down and set one foot in front of the other, just getting through the day in hope of a better tomorrow.

We all have our own ways to cope, whether it’s having a cry sitting on the floor of your shower or screaming along to aggressive rock music in the car, buying too many house plants or finding comfort in somebody else’s company, drinking, smoking, eating, the list goes on. We’re all just doing our best.”

That we are.

Stream the track below.

This track is phenomenal!


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