Elle Baez – ‘Pretty Insecurities’

The confidence Elle Baez exudes. The always encouraging messages she shares in her music. The infectious anthems she writes. These are the many reasons why Elle is one of my favorite artists. Her new single, ‘Pretty Insecurities’ is an all-women written (Elle Baez, Angela Wang, Jasmine Hildebrandt) & produced (Tiger Darrow & Angela Wang) anthem created for the depressed, overstressed, overstimulated culture of today’s society.

A reminder that even through all the nitpicking and insecurities, you need to try to have a good time because at the end of the day “damn they’re so pretty”.

Speaking about the track, Elle said:

“With the normalcy of plastic surgery & the pressure of social media today, as a body positive artist, I wanted to make an ironic bop that we all relate to when we feel down on ourselves to remind us that we are beautiful inside & out and to go out and live our lives to the fullest while we can”

Elle teamed up with the body-inclusive brand ‘Adore Me’ to shoot the track’s visuals, featuring an “all pink lingerie girls night” 

Check it out below!


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