“‘No Lie’ was written by my “alter ego” Ms. Williams and it is about a toxic (thankfully past) relationship that I was in. After 6 years of dating, this schmuck not only cheated on me but was very disrespectful after he was caught. I was advised by friends and family that I needed to remain calm and dignified throughout the whole ordeal, for fear of being painted as the angry black woman, even though I had every right to be angry. This song is not only a reflection of my released anger but it is also a reflection of how I wish I could have acted throughout that entire ordeal. In my head and clearly in this song, is how the end of that relationship played out. 🙂 Boss Bitch Rage.” – Elisé

I started off the post this way because I wanted people to listen to the song first and then read what Elisé had to say about what inspired it in her words. I love her voice and her delivery, this is the kind of energy I support. Well done!