I am loving Csöke’s energy on her new track, ‘F.W.M’ (an apt acronym for “fuck with myself”). She tells a very relatable story of a messy breakup, betrayal and cheating, and the discovery of self-worth.

She sings:

I fuck with myself

I don’t need no one else

Yeh, I fuck with myself

I don’t need nothing else

I think many of us have gone through this situation and we’ve probably said this to ourselves but to hear it in song and delivered in this anthemic way is just perfect.

Hear it below

CSÖKE’s life journey has laid the foundations for the track and from it, she has one goal: “For others to listen and when they sing along, manifest the energy of self worth into their own life. Whenever the lyrics refer to one’s self “I”, everything is uplifting, there’s no negativity, just good vibes.”



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