Christy’s ‘Dancing With Air’ is breathtaking as he captures the pain and beauty that comes with love in song.

Speaking about the track he said:

“This song was brewing inside me for a while, I wrote this song about a situation very personal to me. We all have to go through grieving at some point as it’s a part of life. Nothing or no one lasts forever. But the memory of someone will always be part of you and enrich you forever. Everyone you meet in your life has an impact on you, we are all human and should treasure the time we spend together. Memories and moments last a lifetime inside us.”

Hear it below

The penultimate single in the build up to Christy’s now highly anticipated debut EP, ‘Dancing With Air’, sees the Glaswegian singer-songwriter return to his busking roots in breathtaking style which is out now via Made Records.

Talking of the forthcoming EP, Christy said “These songs are everything I have been through in the last few years…My first release needed to be real, genuine – either people like it or they don’t, but at least I have been 100% myself and I’m not sacrificing anything to be a popstar. They are sad songs but I wanted them to sound beautiful.”


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