Chaz Cardigan’s trip down memory lane unfolds like a futuristic fairy tale in the official video for his new single, ‘Middle of the Road‘. 

It’s the second in a surrealistic quadrilogy of videos produced by Haoyan of America (Crumb, Cautious Clay) that are based on a 3D model of Chaz. Created using photogrammetry in a virtual environment, the 3D figure was brought to life in the first video, ‘Everything’s Wrong‘, and now continues on his journey in ‘Middle of the Road’.

The new video underscores the song’s theme of how choices made in the past set one’s future in motion. Chaz has made some bold choices in his life – including the decision to move from his hometown of Elizabethtown, KY to Nashville when he was only 17. He explains, “‘Middle of the Road’ came from ruminating on what my life would’ve been like if I’d stayed in my hometown. I realized I would’ve been miserable, stuck in a cycle of debt and probably addicted to something, pretending to be someone I’m not for the rest of my life.” 

“The dance worthy, infectious, and fun track [‘Middle of the Road’] is the perfect anthem to blast, windows down, as we ride out the rest of the summer,” said Play Too Much. Q Review observed, “Chaz keeps delivering thoughtful music of strong perspective, sincere reflection and authentic honesty wrapped in sonic kick ass and punch.” RIFF Magazinecalls the track an “instant earworm” showcasing Chaz’s “artistic diversity and maturity.”