I’m loving the light

The simple things

The way you hold my hand

The birds, the trees

I’m loving the light

Ain’t gonna talk about tomorrow

Cuz we got right now

So I’m loving the light

The moon the stars

The way you know my heart

If we just look around we realise

How lucky we are

These are the words of Charlotte Jane in her uplifting song, ‘Loving The Light’. I appreciate artists like her, who remind us that we have to look for the good somewhere despite what may be happening. And today, this song is my good, and it brings me so much joy.

Speaking about the track, Charlotte said:

“I’m rarely one to write happy songs but this one came at a time where I desperately needed to look for the positives amongst everything that was going on in my life. It’s continued to serve as a reminder to me, through a lot of shit that’s happened since, that no matter how bad things get there’s always something to be grateful for. I listen to this song more than I ever have with anything I’ve released previously. I genuinely love jamming to it.”

Stream the track below.


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