Carrie Baxter will put you in a good mood with her new track, ‘Something in the Water’. The funky jazzy jam presents a paradoxical theme: needing something other than water to feel good versus feeling good by simply drinking water. It is both an uplifting song of celebration and nostalgia and yet tainted slightly by a retrospective view of various intoxicated encounters. 
Speaking on the track, Carrie explains:

“It is an ode to youthfulness and decisions that bring momentary joy but leave a bad taste in your mouth, both metaphorically and literally. This song is very much written in retrospect. I wrote this song both from my own personal experience and from situations I have witnessed. There was a point in my life I thought perhaps meditation and yoga sessions would save me and outweigh the awful things I was doing to my body – but I was young and naive and failed to recognise that the real practice is out in your life, not on a mat! Thank heavens I am wiser than the situations in this song now.”

Check it out below.

Such an amazing vibe!


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