Breana Marin’s ‘Back Burner’ is a slick vibrant jam that details the difficulties of a partner worrying about the wrong things. The gifted R&B/pop artist who has written for the likes of Fifth Harmony, Brandy, Keyshia Cole, and many others drew inspiration for this song from an experience with someone who was paying too much attention to things that were less important than the present.

“‘Back Burner’ captures the emotions I was feeling at a time where the person I was with felt as if they needed to make more money, be more successful and accomplish specific goals before we could move our relationship to the next level. I felt as though I was being pushed aside and that my partner wasn’t living in the present because he was too focused on who he thought I needed him to be, when all I really wanted was to grow together here and now in the present.” – Breana

Now get ready to sink your ears into this one.