There’s nothing like a catchy lo-fi pop/electronic jam to get your Friday started. bloody white recently shared his video for ‘tongue tied’ in the lead up to his September 9 debut EP release ‘you’d walk right over me‘.

bloody white has self directed and edited a series of VHS home videos for each single, with ‘tongue tied’ being the first. 

“It was really important to me that my first videos feel real and represent the small town I’m from near Santa Barbara. They had to be true to what I grew up around and look nostalgic, too, and the most honest way I could do that was by recording with my old VHS camera I got when I was 7. My friends and I shot a lot of footage together for more than a year. Small town California is the backdrop for all the videos. I’m calling them VHS home videos because that’s what they are,” says bloody.

Check it out!

A whole vibe! I love it.