Billy Lockett – ‘Freaking Out’

‘Freaking Out’ by Billy Lockett is my new favorite song. The outstanding Electro-Pop track puts a whole new spin on break-up records.

When talking about the track and the upcoming album, Billy says:

“I remember the eureka moment when we wrote the chorus of this song. It felt good but I just wanted to do something unexpected, something that made people go “Woah”. The lyrics are all about when I was on tour for a long time and my relationships at home were falling apart. It is about the struggles of trying to be in two places at the same time and how sometimes it ends up making you feel like you’re at neither. This song is also the only one on the album that Lost boy produced. I love how punchy and hooky the whole song is from pretty much the first second.”

The single is also accompanied by a very entertaining music video which depicts how his emotions have taken over his every-day movements where he can be seen transforming everyone he passes into zombie-like beings, representing how his obsessive thoughts and emotions have taken complete control of his state of mind.

Check it out!

‘Freaking Out’ is the third single off Billy’s upcoming album, ‘Abington Grove’.


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