Dutch singer-songwriter BÉE, (pronounced Bae) will stir up every emotion with her track, ‘Be’. She tells a beautiful story of embracing spiritual sensibility and the way she sings, you will find yourself hanging on to her every word.

Speaking about the new single BÉE said:

“My mum gave me a tiny red box when I was just 8 years old. In that box was a little piece of paper that said: ‘If you open this box, an angel will come out and they will listen to all of your stories and help you solve your problems.’ I used to talk to this ‘angel’ for hours and hours pretty much every day for years. I really felt like there was someone, or something there to answer me, even though I couldn’t see them. I desperately wanted to meet this angel in person and for them to be tangible. But, as I got older, I understood that it’s fine to just feel the strength and direction it gives me.

I love that.


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